Confused by post op sports bras? Hopefully our hints and tips will help. It is a common subject for discussion on the MYA forum and within the MYA clinic’s for our breast augmentation patients, so we hope the below hints and tips are helpful when preparing for your up and coming procedure. We will give you size advice and the best bras as recommended by our patients, surgeons and clinical team. You will need to wear a sports bra for 4-8 weeks post op as instructed by your surgeon and no lace or under-wire bras are advised to be worn 8 weeks following surgery. Your sports bra will become your best friend and a real investment with most patients continuing to wear their sports bra for exercise or for bed supporting their results even after the recommended period.


The size of your sports bra is difficult to judge as people have different rates of swelling following their procedure and cup sizes are not guaranteed. You will discuss a desired size with your surgeon so we recommend the sports bra cup size is one larger than this. For example if you request a D cup buy a DD or E sports bra. It is equally important to get a back size bigger than you would normally wear so that the bra is not rubbing on your incisions or is uncomfortable in any way. For example if you are a 34inch back we suggest you get a 36inch back.

How many

We would advise you to get a couple of bras as you are going to be wearing them for a few weeks, meaning when one is in the wash you aren’t without. To start with buying a range sizes is always helpful as your swelling can increase and decrease during this time so cup size will change. Keep the tags on so if you don’t use them you can always take them back. Many of the sports bras come in different colours usually black, white and nude so you have options for outfits.

What type

As you will find it difficult to lift your arms above your head to pull a sports bra on, we 100% recommend your post op bra to fasten at the back (like a normal bra) or at the front (usually a zip) this will make changing a lot more comfortable. It is also helpful if the straps are adjustable for comfort and maximum support. Your bra should be supportive but not restrictive and the adjustable straps will help with this. Cotton is always best over other materials like Lycra which can be common in sports bras.

Best buys and patients' recommendations

Macom offer MYA patients 15% discount off their bras using a discount code which will be supplied by your nurse at your pre op appointment. Macom believe their post op bras give the necessary compression and support needed for a fast recovery. This bra comes in a range of sizes and colours that include Champagne, Black and White. £36.90       ASDA's Sports bras are patient’s favourite due to the fact they are so comfortable and soft the sports bras come in a multi-pack of two with the option of Black and White or Nude and White. If you are unable to find in your local George at Asda you can order online. (shipping prices apply) £7.00 Marks and Spencer’s post op bras are comfortable and secure come in a pack of 2 black and white, with back fastening. If you can’t find them in your local M&S store shopping assistants can order these bras in for you alter-natively you can buy online. (shipping prices apply) £32.50 For further information on the best sports bra for you consult your clinic nurse or join the MYA Space forum (insert link)