My name is Lauren and I’m 23 years old from Essex. I work as an investigator in London full time and had a breast augmentation with MYA in March 2017. Thanks to my new boobs I’m taking part in a charity trek to Transylvania!

The trek runs from 22 July 2018 until 27 July 2018

We’ll be trekking for up to 8 hours every day and climbing over 2400m above sea level! Tom Fletcher and Lisa Snowden are also doing the trek, and they’ll be a group of around 40 of us, all raising funds for Coppafeel. Coppafeel is a breast cancer charity that wants to spread the word on how to check your boobs and the symptoms that you should be aware of. Coppafeel wants to live in a world where breast cancer is diagnosed at the earliest stage possible, and the funds I’m raising will be used to do this.

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As I have implants, the check you carry out is slightly different

It’s key that women with implants realise this as it might just save your life. When you check your breasts, look out for things such as rashes, discharge, skin puckering or your boobs being an odd shape. This is really important, as I know we’re all told about the side effects of implants so don’t just assume your implants are the reason for this, because the chances are they aren’t! Remember to check for swelling under your armpits and collarbone, and for any odd lumps, no matter how big or small. When you go for a mammogram, inform your radiographer of your implants because the screenings are less accurate if you’ve had a little help in the bust department!

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I applied for a position to take part in this trek because breast cancer has hugely affected my family

My aunt was fighting breast cancer alongside her daughter, Janice. Janice was in her early 30’s when she lost her fight, although my aunt made a full recovery. I’m not a mother myself, but I can only begin to imagine the pain and guilt my aunt must’ve felt when her daughter lost her fight and she didn’t. Janice is, and always will be, missed. She was taken at such a young age and it’s just not fair; I don’t want anyone to suffer losing a loved one because of cancer. So if I can make one person check their breasts I’ll be happy.

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I’m looking to raise at least £2200 for Coppafeel

My trek is not going to be easy - trust me! I’ll be posting updates of my journey before, during, and after the trek! So any support you can give me will be appreciated!

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If you want to get involved in the work Coppafeel do, then please visit their website Coppafeel or donate to Lauren.

Love Lauren McDonald xxx