Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has spilled the beans on how she stays looking good. The actress who plays feisty Chas Dingle spoke to the Mirror this week about the cosmetic surgery work she has done, which to date includes two boob jobs, liposuction, fillers and Botox, with plans to have more lipo next month. "I'll carry on getting things done for as long as I feel I need to," she said. "It's personal maintenance. I do put pressure on myself but it's not about being on TV, I'd have the same body hang-ups whatever I did, it's a woman thing.” The beautiful brunette spoke of her plans to have fat sucked out of her back in the next couple of weeks: “For some reason my muffins have gone massive. Because Chas' clothes are tight I can see that where my jeans are there is a massive over-hang and it's not a good look." The treatment only takes a few hours. "You don't feel a thing," says Lucy. "It's just two-and-a-half hours of lying down, then they send you off in a kind of corset and a pair of Spanx. I had my stomach done three years ago so I know it works.” She mused: “The way I look at it, when your car goes in for an MOT and they say your tyres are bald and need changing, you get it done."