Header: Credit: Shutterstock For once it’s not just the 23-year-old's love life that is hitting the headlines this month. Fans have taken to social media in a frenzy over the increasing possibility that Taylor has had a secret boob job. The interest started after paparazzi snaps of the singer, while attending her BFF’s Selena Gomez gig with new love Tom Hiddleston, appear to show her with a fuller bust. Known for her slender frame and flat chest, could it just be a good padded bra? With yet more public appearances with new bae Tom Hiddleston, who happens to be 12 years her senior, make it hard to hide the change her in appearance. With pictures taken of the couple together all over the globe, she can’t exactly hide from the media attention. Wearing a more breastly revealing outfit as she left a restaurant, the floral plunging neck line dress would make it hard to convince any woman that going braless with that outfit could create such an ample cleavage. However it was Taylor's 4th of July celebrations and her own Instagram upload that made the breast enlargement rumours that much more likely. Pictured alongside A-List super models Gigi Hadid and Cara Delavigne in matching red, white and blue swimming costumes, Taylor's side boob certainly looked larger than it has appeared in the past. Although the jury is out on whether Taylor has undergone a breast enlargement or not, we know she certainly wouldn’t be the first in Hollywood to have had secret surgery and she won’t be the last. To find out more about MYA's breast enlargement, click the link now.