I know there are a lot of girls out there struggling with asymmetrical breasts (or odd /wonky breasts - however you personally describe them). It can feel like you are the only one in the world that has them. Well, that was me! I felt I was the only one in the world who had this and it really affected my confidence. I would Google "asymmetrical breasts" and although it states that they are common, you would never really see or hear patients stories, which is why I chose to share my experience. This post is to help other girls similar to me and show you all that you are not alone and that amazing results can be achieved.

Why did I want the procedure?

This procedure is something that I have wanted for years due to my asymmetry. Since I was 16, my left breast was a 32D and my right a 32B. This was something I would think about every day - getting dressed in the morning in loose clothing/high neckline and wearing bras that fitted only one side. Additionally, it made wearing a bikini impossible. I felt as though I was missing out on so much.

Were my friends/family/partner supportive?

My partner, who I have been with for years, has been very supportive. I have been extremely lucky. He knew from when we first met that this was something I would be going to go ahead with, as soon as I was ready and financially in the position to. He of course told me I didn't need it, but they kind of have to say that don't they. He said I was perfect but he knew how insecure I was about my breasts and wanted me to feel comfortable around him. He wanted it to no longer affect my day-to-day life. My mum was concerned originally, which is understandable. She is my mum and it is a surgical procedure. She worried for my future  like when I come to have children and breastfeed. But, after showing her my breasts, she realised the extent and immediately became supportive. She came with me to all my consultations, asking questions and being there every time I was turned down saying my case was too complex for them.

Why did I choose MYA as my cosmetic surgery provider?

After being rejected by the NHS and a few private companies, a former colleague told me about MYA. She explained her operation was also for asymmetry and told me how pleased she had been with MYA. From the pre-op consultation all the way through to the aftercare. So I decided to do my research and contact MYA and book a consultation.

How was my consultation?

My consultation was very encouraging, my patient coordinator Cloe made me feel at ease and suggested a surgeon who would be appropriate for my case. Within 5 minutes of meeting my surgeon I knew she was right for me. She was extremely honest from the start, explaining that they would never be exactly the same as perfection in size is impossible but that there were a couple of options for me to choose from. She was the first surgeon I met who wasn't labeling my case as impossible. I trusted her completely and told her I was not at all bothered by post op size, just as long as they were more symmetrical. She suggested I had an uplift (mastopexy) and two different sized implants.

How would I describe my surgeon?

Dr Fiumara is such a focused women and I could see how attentive she was from the start. She listened to everything I had to say and I felt completely safe leaving it in her hands. Even on the day of the operation, I didn't know exactly what size implants I would be having as it was completely down to her to decide in theatre as we discussed. This didn't make me feel uneasy at all as I knew she would be doing everything she could to ensure they were as symmetrical as possible. This could only be done in theatre by trying out different implant sizes mid-surgery. I have been continuously impressed with her efforts for my case. I would recommend her and MYA in a heartbeat!


How did I fund my procedure?

I paid for half my procedure upfront as I had wanted it for a while I had been saving. Being a complex case, it was more expensive that a straightforward Breast Enlargement, which I first thought would be enough.  The cost was higher because I needed the uplift (mastopexy) and they needed to order a vast range implants and potentially waste implants by trying them and them not being the correct size. The other half of the procedure I am paying in monthly installments for 10 months, which started the month after my operation it's so easy and wont be long until it is paid off.

How was the day of my procedure?

On the day of my procedure I was not at all nervous. I work in theatres a lot myself so the idea of being a patient in theatre was not a worry for me. I understand that for some girls nerves play a big part on the day, but for me, I just kept thinking there is no way they'll be worse than they already are. I was far too excited that the day had finally come. Waiting to go to theatre felt like a lifetime, but the staff were lovely and the room was clean and comfortable. I even had my partner and sister there for support.

How was my recovery?

When I woke up I was in pain, but understandably so. My chest felt very compressed and hot but nothing I wasn't expecting after having followed so many other girls stories on Instagram. The main thing I struggled with was being unable to even sit myself up in bed as my muscles felt so weak across my chest and arms (just the first week). I also experienced quite bad back and shoulder pain I think from sleeping upright. My breasts were rock solid and my cleavage was up by my clavicles, but overall the recovery was totally fine. The worst hit about day 5 and then I just had a dull ache where my incisions were. After week 2,  this had gone and I could raise my arms above my head with no trouble. My breasts felt very stuck on, as though they weren't part of my body for the first 3 weeks then after week 3 I felt like they were part of my body completely, and no pain whatsoever. I am now at week 8 and they feel completely natural; they are soft and my cleavage sits at a normal level. It's true what they say about being patient with your recovery and results.

Am I happy with my results?

I am so pleased with my results! They are not fake looking at all which was a slight concern of mine.  My surgeon is brilliant at achieving a natural look, which I have seen in a lot of her patients. They look big in photos, however, in real life they are in proportion to my frame and I fit comfortably in all my clothes still. But most importantly, they are perfectly symmetrical, something I never thought I would see on myself. I am still in shock every day looking in the mirror. I have cried with happiness too my times to even count.

Would I recommend this procedure and MYA to others?

I know there are a lot of girls out there struggling with asymmetrical breasts. It feels like you are the only one in the world. Of course you read on the internet that asymmetry is common and most women have it, but some of us girls are unlucky enough to have it quite severely. If you are insecure about this, there is something that can be done and people who can help. I know how embarrassing it feels and it's so hard looking on all the websites that show pictures of girls who have small boobs and just want bigger ones. Obviously it helps looking at their journeys and watching how confident it makes them, but it's difficult because they're just not someone you can relate to. I understand that everyone has their reasons and wouldn't want to take away from that at all, I just would have loved to see more pictures I could relate to hence why I had set up my Instagram journey. I would say if you're debating having this operation, it is a life changer. The surgeons at MYA have seen it all before and there's no need to feel ashamed. I cannot express enough how much I recommend them and this procedure.

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Love Sophie xxx