Header: Credit: Shutterstock You literally can’t switch on a TV or scroll down your social media feed without seeing something about the Euros 2016. As one of the biggest events in football, it’s safe to say everyone is talking about it. However, in MYA HQ the talk of who is the fittest player (by fit we mean attractive) soon turned to OMG do you think they have had cosmetic surgery? That being said, we began to Google and look in to the changing faces of some of the most influential players in this year’s Euros hosted by France and the cosmetic procedures they may have had. Check out our list below:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal

There is no denying that Cristiano is a good looking man and a pin up for many. He has definitely changed since being a youngster at Manchester United. Walking out at the Euros international platform as a bronzed God and part of the Portugal international squad, we can’t decide if he has just aged well or he has spent his millions wisely (by wisely, we mean on a nose job and veneers). The 31 year old Real Madrid player’s nose appears slimmer at the base which would assume he's had an alar base reduction rhinoplasty. As there is limited change to his profile, this would mean he just had a reduction of the width of his nostrils. His gleaming white smile and perfect teeth are a definite change from his slightly crooked smile suggesting he has had veneers. What an improvement!

2. Wayne Rooney – England

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During a press conference following England’s first game against Sweden and the post-match dramas that followed, Rooney encouraged fans to stay safe and out of trouble. Instead of listening to his heartfelt words, everyone couldn’t stop talking about how the England captain looked different and what changed.  The 30 year old father-of-three, who has already had a hair transplant to replace his thinning receding hair line back in 2014, now has an extremely smooth and ridged face. Could it be that he had Botox in preparation for the important games due to the fact he is now the oldest member of the England team? We can’t imagine he is one for borrowing Colleen Rooney’s anti-ageing creams and lotions.

3. Sergio Ramos – Spain

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The Spanish international looks like a dream sequence especially when Sergio graces the football pitch. But who would have known that he was not always the swan we see today but somewhat of an ugly duckling? Cutting the greasy locks and growing a little facial hair has definitely helped transform the player into the sex symbol we see today. However, rumours are rife that hair shaving and growing are not all he did. Did he maybe a nose job too? His nose does appear smaller than his early days at Real Madrid as well as a wider eye look could suggest non-surgical Botox to lift his brows slightly higher.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Sweden

The 34 year old captain of the Swedish international team stands at an impressive 6ft4 so he certainly does not blend in. Known for his tall stature and large nose, we have noticed that his distinctive nose has changed over the years. It was previously more hooked with a large bump which now seems to have disappeared. This would indicate Zlatan has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to alter the appearance of his nose, and we must admit they have done a good job! He still has very masculine features and it has not dramatically alerted his face but has definitely improved his appearance for on and off the pitch. What do you think? Are there any footballers we've missed?