3ca8b6c538e221d4fb96f886c1aec112 Found on pinmakeuptips.com They say, “Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you anything about life”. Well, you don’t have to be Cara Delevingne to know that eyebrows are the framing feature for anyone’s face. Not only do they balance your features, they can dramatically change the way your face shape looks, so it pays to be cautious with the tweezers in order to keep those brows on point. MYA have put together the ultimate grooming dos and don’ts to keep your brow game strong and stop those mistakes in their tracks.

Don’t: Think your eyebrows have to be identical

a140d95cf7b018476598a0116457cc34 Found on pinterest.com It’s okay to be matchy-matchy with your lipstick and nail polish but don’t get too fixated on achieving perfectly symmetrical eyebrows. Remember, your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Look at this way, everybody’s face is asymmetrical so plucking away until they both brows look exactly the same can make your features look a bit…odd. Instead, aim for the same fullness and a similar arch but embrace any differences for a beautifully natural shape that’s all you.

Do: Go for the best shape for your face shape

ace44e445d7ac5f23d0189ccb8ef28c2  Bold, thick brows have been all the rage in the most stylish circles for a few seasons now, but that doesn’t mean that you should rush to copy the look. They might look good on the hottest supermodels but your delicate features may not be able to carry off fuller eyebrows. Whether they’re thin, straight or arched, consult a pro to find the best brows to suit your face shape and beauty regime.

Don’t: Tweeze above your brow

dff5f4697b4ca91166a7b185d897cf4b Found on duitang.com We’re not talking about those tiny, stray hairs above your brows – those should be neatly plucked for a clean, tidy look. When you’re maintaining your eyebrows at home, try to steer clear of plucking any hairs that will alter the shape of your natural arch. Leave the shaping to the professionals and focus those tweezers on hairs below the arch in case you go overboard.

Do: Use a pencil or powder one shade lighter than your hair colour to fill in your eyebrows

04701d0cc4f5c9a3c60ae622432dfd3c Found on buzzfeed.com Most of us suffer from a few sparse, patchy areas so a little dab of colour can work wonders to create an illusion of fullness. Unless you’re after a dramatic look or your hair is very dark, keep away from using black as a filler – shades from mocha to dark brown will work well for most.

Don’t: Shape your eyebrows during your period

ca22077f7be66d3944db3189ac663341 Found on buzzfeed.com Yes ladies, as well as an insatiable craving for chocolate, you may find that you’re a lot more sensitive to pain at this time of the month. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to postpone any plucking, waxing or threading for those period-free weeks and save any tears in the process.

Do: Blend your brow make-up

52c6396cf089c04521dca2c390e46855 Never skip this step if you’re after a natural looking brow line. This softens all the products you’ve used to shape, sculpt and fill so the end result is a polished, flawless finish. Gorgeous!   So, before you’re you reach for the tweezers remember these handy pointers to keep those brow blunders at bay. Never underestimate the power of a good brow!