Remember that cosmetic surgery meme about that Korean family a few years back? turns out it was actually a fabricated advert that took on a ridiculous rumour of its own.. The image swept the internet in 2014, claiming a husband from Heilongjiany sued his wife after finding out she had plastic surgery to change her features because their children looked nothing like her. Apparently she had surgery to look more western before they met, which was obviously not reflection in their children. Little did we know, the image and story was a huge fabrication which has since affected the model, Ms Heidi Yeh's, personal life and career. Ms Heidi Yeh agreed to take part in a photo shoot for an advertisement aimed at convincing people to get plastic surgery at a Taiwanese cosmetic surgery clinic. The photo showed very attractive "parents" with sought-after big eyes and associated western features, alongside their three "children", their images were altered to make their eyes look exceptionally small and their noses flat common features of the region.  The caption with the image read: "The only thing you'll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids." Photocredit: Shanghaiist The image was further used by another cosmetic surgery clinic and added to their Facebook page where the new caption read “Plastic Surgery – You can’t hide forever”  in 2012 a Talbot newspaper attached the image with this fabricated story which started to build momentum across the internet. Heidi explained to BBC Asian news “When I first heard about this from a friend, I thought it was just a one-off rumour, then I realised the whole world was spreading it and in different languages. People actually thought it was real. Even my then-boyfriend's friends would ask about it." Heidi is now threatening to sue the advertising agency, JWT, and the cosmetic surgery clinic due to her loss of earnings and strain on her personal life caused by the image. In a statement to the BBC, JWT said the campaign "was created to promote plastic surgery services in a humorous manner", adding that it owns the copyright to the photo, and so has rights to edit, modify and use it. It looks as though the aspiring model has her work cut out battling this case.