Header: Credit: Shutterstock Bra shopping is full of ups and downs. After hours of searching, you’ve found the perfect bra that promises to boost your bust for an amazing cleavage, only to find that your size isn’t in stock. Disappointed is an understatement. It can be difficult to let go and trawl through the other bras when the perfect one is right in front of your eyes. What if we told you that you’ll never have to go through this frustration again? Yes, girls, buying a bra could be a whole lot easier thanks to sister sizes. OK, a little explanation might be in order. What exactly are sister sizes? Well, as we all know, the back size is the measurement under your boobs and the cup size is the volume and size of your boobs. Sister sizes are related to each other because they have the same cup volume, no matter the back size. Let’s say you’re normally a 34D. Meet your sister sizes 32DD and 36C. That means if you go up a back size you need to come down a cup size BUT if you go down a back size you need to come up a cup size. So, no matter what bra size you are, you will always have two other options. Lifesaver. Now, don’t get us wrong, nothing beats a well-fitting bra in your proper size but we’re talking about underwear emergencies here. Like when you’re trying out a new brand and your usual size doesn’t fit quite right or your go-to size just doesn’t exist in their range. This tip will help avoid any fitting room distress so you can buy the bra you’ve got your eyes on. Before you go bra shopping, it helps make sure your usual bra size is the best one for you in the first place. Ideally, it should feel comfy with no bulges or digging in and should fasten on the loosest hook. As they aren’t your perfect fit, you may need to make a couple of tweaks with sister-sized bras.

Tips When Sister Bra Shopping

1. Bear in mind that most of your bra's support comes from your back band, not the straps. So, if you fasten your current bra where it should be, on the loosest hook, your sister size down may be too tight and uncomfortable. If you go for the sister size up, you may find it feels better to adjust to a tighter hook to keep the band in place. 2. However, if you prefer to fasten your current bra on the tightest hook, your sister size up won’t give you much support as the back band will be too loose. Choose a sister size down fastened on the loosest hook instead, making sure the back band isn’t so tight that it digs in. Give it a try next time you’re lingerie hunting and never leave a shop bra-less and dissatisfied again.