We all like to keep certain aspects of our life private like cosmetic surgery or health issues. But it can be difficult to remain private when you are a world renowned supermodel trying to avoid paparazzi who are following you around. This is why many go to great lengths to keep their identity and activities hidden. No more so than the recent claims that Gisele Bündchen, middle-aged mother and model mogul attended a Paris cosmetic surgery clinic wearing a traditional Muslim burka. Exclusive... 51809889 Model Gisele Bundchen and her sister Rafaela stay hidden behind black burqas while stopping by the International Clinic of Parc Moncea to undergo plastic surgery in Paris, France on July 15, 2015. While Gisele has adamantly denied getting plastic surgery, eyewitness accounts can confirm that Gisele got work done on her eyes and her breasts. After spending a week at a private exclusive spa in Paris together, the girls were spotted catching separate flights at Charles de Gaulle Airport on July 24, 2015. **NO WEB**NO BLOG** FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: USA ONLY,NO WEBSITE USE If you are not familiar with a burka, it is a piece of clothing that Muslim woman wear as part of their religion to not show their bodies in public. The giveaway was that Gisele wore sandals whereas Muslim woman would also have their feet covered. She also wore an identical black bag that she has been previously pictured in. An anonymous source claims that the 35 year old super model was attending for a breast uplift and non-surgical eye rejuvenation. Having two children with the added stress of her husband's (Tom Brady) rumoured infidelity we understand why she would want to focus on herself for a while. But why lie? Gisele has always preached that woman should accept their bodies and has always denied having or wanting cosmetic surgery. We don't blame Gisele for wanting the world to think she's ageing gracefully and is still a natural beauty - it's something that we all wish for! Despite the lack of admission, it's hypocritical to chastise those who are brave enough to be honest about having cosmetic surgery. Here at MYA we preach body confidence and this includes being truthful about having surgery. Gisele - MYA's advice is for you to own it and be proud of it. Be an inspiration to your fans and be fearless in the face of the media and own up to it! Also, ditch the burka as it's insensitive and tasteless. Would you go this far to hide the fact that you had cosmetic surgery?