We all know Disney set unrealistic expectations that we are going to have fabulous flowing locks immune to humidity, wind and life in general. But hopefully our guide to the perfect tresses will help. That is if you haven’t already dyed your naturally black hair bleach blonde like Kim Kardashian and realised it’s not that easy as she has a 27/4 glam squad. It’s not always about a drastic colour change or chop; mixing up with an accessory, or even treating your hair differently can change your look completely. Hair - disney

Modern Day plait

Now we are not talking Britney spears,” hit me baby one more time” but the modern day plait. Perfect for post-op days when the dry shampoo is no longer helping. The fish tail is our favourite which looks complicated but is actually really simple; there are several YouTube how-to videos online. If you have short hair, add clip in extensions. It will be a cheap and easy way to create this look.

Hair Accessories

Ok, not everyone can pull off the hair accessory but Spring/Summer is the perfect time of year for them. Add a hint of colour with a thin head scarf as a hair band, or even a thin subtle hair band, perfect to keep unruly hair out of your way. Try and stay away from large bows - you are not Lady Gaga, think classy bohemian.

Brunette is back

We all know that with the lighter nights and Summer days around the corner everyone is keen to lighten it up, but actually brunettes are back! Maybe it’s the Kendall Jenner effect but we love the healthy look of a strong brunette. How to do it… Light skin: opt for chocolate or caramel shades with golden undertones to lift your complexion Medium skin: choose a rich mocha shade with a hint if beige-gold. Dark skin: a deep bitter chocolate or rosewood colour will really suit you

Slick for day and night

The slick hair look can take you from your day job to drinks on the town if done right! If not you could look like you didn’t have time to wash your hair and the dry shampoo bottle was empty. Dark hair suits the centre parted low pony slick look. Blondes suit the slick back straight hair like Iggy and Rita Ora. Using the right products is important as you don’t want to weigh the hair down too much, but it needs to stay in place. Mousse is always great, blast with the hair dryer to set then top with a coat of hair spray.

Beach waves

Perfect timing and easy to achieve whatever the length. Beach waves can be created by going to bed with loose plaits when your hair is damp, or with tongs by taking large sections at a time. Don’t over-use products, a light spray of hair spray or beach hair spray will do. All the fun of beach hair is that it is not perfect and the look will change throughout the day especially if you have naturally straight hair. Think Victoria Secret and the cast of The Hills all rolled into one. Remember to follow your post-op instructions provided when it comes to showing and using products.