Header: Credit: Shutterstock We all know those girls on Instagram that upload a pic with the quote “OMG what a beautiful sunset” and the picture is them with their bum out and vaguely in the distance you can make out a sunset. These girls say something random about the image, but really want you to look at something else. Well Khloe Kardashian became the pinnacle of one of these Insta ladies by posting this pic with the quote “I have a slight fedora obsession” but I am sorry Khloe, no one is looking at your hat. We are staring straight at what looks like a new, perkier and larger set of breasts.

I have a slight fedora obsession

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Khloe has come out in past interviews saying she is “not against cosmetic surgery”, could “never say never” and would “actually like a breast enlargement”. Well it’s safe to say that it looks as though she has taken the plunge. No doubt she's used a top Hollywood surgeon not adverse to carrying out procedures on the most famous reality TV families in the world. We bet their celebrity cosmetic surgery list is extensive like MYA's. Kris Jenner famously underwent breast uplift on the show and has admitted to multiple facial procedures. Kourtney had a breast enlargement when she was in college and has openly discusses this on KUWTK. Kylie Jenner who famously denied lip fillers until she had to admit it back in 2014 was the youngest member of the family to undergo a cosmetic procedure. We can’t deny that Khloe (32) looks amazing and has worked hard for her dream bod, with Snapchats of her brutal workouts and healthy diet. We understand, just like many of the women that come to MYA who have lost weight, it sometimes comes off the areas we don’t want it too like our breasts. A breast enlargement is a popular procedure to return fullness to the area and regain the confidence woman should have when they have achieved their weight loss journey. For more information, visit our breast enlargement page now.