Header: Credit: Shutterstock The ever popular TV programme, The Great British Bake Off  (GBBO for short), has graced our TV screens since its inception in 2010. It sees amateur bakers compete weekly to be crowned star baker, with many series winners going on to have successful baking careers. A key aspect to the success of the show is the judges, cookery writer Mary Berry and professional baker Paul Hollywood, who have warmed the hearts of many over the years. At the wonderful age of 80 she is one of the oldest ladies that we see regularly on prime time TV. So we're wondering: does Mary feel the pressure to look younger like everyone else? The fact is, she refutes having non-surgical treatments or cosmetic surgery of any kind. “I have no wish to have any Botox or a face-lift. “ She went on to explain: “there’s a lot of talk about the lack of older women on TV, but I’ve never felt any pressure to try to look younger. I’m quite happy with my face. I’ve got loads of wrinkles.” Mary even revealed her skincare routine is pretty basic; no lotions and potions for our Mary Berry. “I clean my face every day with a face wipe, usually put some moisturiser on, and that’s it.” tumblr_ntwfnar0ji1s5v14qo1_500 We appreciate her honesty but we can’t help but notice she is looking better than ever and has a somewhat Benjamin Button quality when it comes to aging. Looking back to series one, we can’t help but speculate that she may not be telling the whole truth. Cosmetic Surgery or not, we love you Mrs Berry but we do not thank you for our ever growing waist line due to cake cravings and our pathetic attempts at signature bakes.