WIN a Fitness Tracker with #MYAFITFAM

The festive season has just come to an end and we’re all guilty of having a few too many mince pies. After all, it wouldn’t be Christmas without indulging in so much food that it makes you feel as though you could pass out! Now we have got it out of our systems it is important to set some lifestyle goals for 2018.

You can start right now by entering our #MYAFITFAM competition to WIN 1 of 10 pink fitness trackers! ENTER NOW by sharing a photo of yourself in your fitness gear, working out and being fit and happy (smiling) tag @myacosmeticsurgery and hashtag #MYAFITFAM. Read below for some inspo!


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Boost Your Step Count

A fantastic way to burn some of that festive fat is to make sure that you up your step count in 2018. Walking has many benefits both pre and post procedure. Not only can it help you maintain a healthy weight and keep those pins amazing, but walking can also boost your mood and lower your blood pressure. If you’re feeling ambitious then why not bite the bullet and enter a 10K! Everyone has to start somewhere and I promise it’s not as hard as you think once you start building the miles. There are plenty of worthwhile charities out there… Be spontaneous - I booked my first marathon as a dare from a work colleague! Setting yourself goals is the best motivator!

Catch those Z’s

So how are you going to build the energy to follow in Paula Radcliffe’s footsteps, or even just to go for a lengthy Sunday walk?! Making sure you get enough sleep is key. It is proven to help you maintain a healthy weight, have a better memory and reduce your stress levels… And that is just 3 of many benefits! If, like me, you’re a nightmare sleeper who struggles to wind down on a night and wakes up when a pin drops, then please read on for some of my top tips to salvage your beauty sleep:
• No caffeine after 3pm
• No TV/Phone scrolling right before you try and switch off – (if you really need to have a quick stalk then turn the background lighting right down)
• Put on your favourite candles to try and wind down rather than the big light
• And if takes a new Insta-worthy eye mask to help you then I’m all for that!


Eat Your Greens

Year on year we say it to ourselves, 'we will make sure we eat 5 a day from Monday'! BUT make a pact this year to make it happen! Packed with vitamins and minerals, the benefits of eating fruit and veg not only help you maintain a healthy diet and weight, but they also decrease your risk of heart disease. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather this winter then why not stock up on kiwis… they contain almost twice as much Vitamin C as an orange!


Quick tip … If you’re like me and want to cram them in as a fast and easy fix then a blender will become your saviour!