We thought we would put together a list of recovery tips for our nose job patients. A lot of the tips you would have had explained to you in your procedure information supplied at your initial consultation others are tips taken from past patients on the MYA forum and a few we think you will like. There is a large focus on swelling and ways to reduce this, given that the procedures on your face patients are keen for this to subside but the key is to be patient it can last weeks if not months (But at this point not visible to the normal eye), but these hints and tips will possibly speed up your recovery time and help with your result. Elevate yourself  Rest and sleep on your back stay inclined (25-45 degree angel) for the initial days post op, this will enable optimal blood circulation helping to reduce swelling. So we advise investing in a few extra pillows. Avoid Hot showers  >During the initial weeks post op (when instructed to do so) The water should be moderately warm because hot steamy water can worsen swelling. Avoid having the water stream come down directly on fragile surgical areas. Eat Right  Salt can worsen swelling avoid foods and drinks containing high salt content during recovery (this is usually stated on the side of food packaging). Eat leaf lettuce, eggs and yogurt these are excellent sources of vitamin k another possible remedy to swelling. Blowing your nose  DON’T! well at least for the first two weeks post-surgery (not much else to explain for that one) so be gentle. Laughing and Smiling  As much as you will want to grin from cheek to cheek following your Rhinoplasty procedure try and avoid this at the early stages of healing, we know this will be hard but your recovery is temporary and the less your nose bounces around with laughing or stretched with smiling the better. Glasses If you wear glasses be prepared to do without for up to 4 weeks the less weight on your nose in the short term the better your long term results. If you are unable to do without or wear contacts speak to your clinic nurse for the best advice. Sun Rays/Sunbeds Don’t expose unprotected skin to the sun for at least 6 weeks following your procedure, using sunscreen is always good advice but limiting exposure to your nose throughout healing can avoid permit discolouration. Smoking This advice applies three weeks before and after surgery. If you are a smoker, this is a good time to stop. Patience  The saying “patience is a virtue” really applies when it comes to your Rhinoplasty procedure be prepared to have swelling and possibly bruising, your nose will change over the course of your healing period which in some cases can take up to a year to see your final result but don’t be alarmed speak with patients that have had the procedure on the MYA forum or read their patient stories, and also take a look at our before and after photos.   MYA procedures then give us a call on 08000 14 10 14 or take a look at our website www.mya.co.uk