Women get boob jobs for plenty of reasons, though Hollyoaks star Stephanie Waring has credited MYA with a life-changing bout of surgery that helped her overcome a drastic change in her body shape following the birth of her first child. The 33-year-old actress, who plays Cindy Cunningham in the popular Channel 4 soap, spoke to Reveal magazine about her experience with post-natal depression following daughter Lexi's introduction to the world. With deep concerns about her chest size - which had shrunk from a B cup to an A cup - Ms Waring was recommended to go to MYA in Manchester. "For me, getting the surgery was a necessity, not vanity," she explained. "[Partner] Dan was very supportive. He thought if surgery was going to make me happier, and make me feel more sexy and confident, then I should go for it." Following the procedure to boost her chest to a D-cup, Stephanie feels like a million dollars and cannot help but stare at the fine work done on her breasts. "I have my body confidence back, which has been a real struggle over the years," she added. "I can't wait to show them off!"
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