Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a huge decision in anyone’s life and should not be taken lightly. Once you have carried out all of your research and concluded that it is the right decision for you it’s time to pick the best way to fund the procedure within your means. You have a range of options available to you, of which some have restrictions, time frames or barriers you must be aware of.


Many patients come prepared having wanted the procedure for years meaning they already have funds in place. This is either through savings, or assistance from family or loved ones. Points to remember; the procedure fee is due 56 days before the procedure date. In the event that the patient books a Procedure within 56 days of the Procedure Date, the deposit is payable immediately and the balance of the Procedure fee is payable either 7 days thereafter or 20 days prior to the Procedure date whichever be the earlier.*

Piggy Bank (Self-Funding)

Saving can be difficult as there is always the temptation to dip into savings or not to put money away for the odd month. With the MYA Piggy Bank Scheme it is easy to save for your procedure, safe with the knowledge that it is chipping away at your total cost in the same way that you would pay off your holiday with a travel agent. It even adds to the excitement of the countdown to your procedure date. Points to remember; 25% of the total procedure cost must be achieved within 6 months of the initial instalment being paid. If no payment has been made for 3 consecutive months then the account will be closed and a refund processed less £100 in administration fee.*

MYA Finance

MYA work alongside the finance company Pay4Later who offer flexible finance options. If you feel that finance is right for you; an application is quick and easy. Your patient coordinator will show you the MYA finance calculator which will help you decide on the best term and monthly repayment to suit your personal circumstances and affordability. Following your consultation, you will be emailed a link with the finance application which should only take 10 minutes to complete. Once you have submitted the application you will receive an accepted or declined decision within seconds.


• Must be 18years and over • Must be a UK resident and able to provide 3 years address history • Must work a minimum of 16hours per week • Must be able to provide 3 years employment history • Must have a valid email address • Must have no CCJ’s, defaults or Bankruptcies over the past 3 years

Credit card

Many patients opt for credit cards when they already have some funds in place and are looking for that extra amount to go on a credit card. This means they can have their op sooner and pay the credit card off following the procedure. Credit cards have different limits and APR charges but we know that 0% credit cards are available from high street lenders. Websites such as Compare The Market are a great way to research the best credit card deals out there for you. Please note there is a credit card charge of 1.7%* when paying with a non-debit card. Should you require further information on your funding method please contact your PC directly or call the collections team on 03330141014. *MYA GA 009 February 2016 Version 23 General Patient Information Guide for Cosmetic, Aesthetic/Therapeutic Surgery