Header: Credit: Shutterstock So although you will get the final say in what implants you receive, it is your surgeon who gives you recommendations and options as to what will match your frame and expectations best. During your surgeon consultation, they will do a physical examination of your breasts to check the skin quality, breast tissue and to take your measurements. This is a crucial aspect of your consultation because this is how the surgeon determines what implant is best for your frame to achieve the aesthetic appearance you have requested such as natural or fake. Below we've outlined all the individual breast attributes and implant options that will help the surgeon choose the best implant for you:


The width of your breast determines the diameter of the breast implant you can have. The width is measured from the inner edge of the cleavage to the outer-most part of the breast. The tape measure is pulled tight and the distance is measured in a flat plane.


The projection of the implant is described as low, moderate, and high profile. The profile of an implant refers to how much it projects forward when you are standing. See below for an example: implant info

Low Profile

Low are wide implants, with minimal projection from the chest. Low profile implants are more flattering for women with wider chests.

Moderate Profile

Moderate are implants that project from the chest more than low profile implants, but not as much as high profile implants. Moderate profile implants do not create excessive width on the side and are therefore appropriate for women with smaller, narrower chests.

High Profile

High are implants with a narrow base width for maximum projection. High profile implants give rounded fullness on top of the breasts and some breast lift. This effect creates the most bubbly, prominent cleavage of the various profile options

Implant shape

You also have a choice in the shape of the implant. Round implants or a more anatomical teardrop-shape.implant-shape

Round Implants

Any type of implant will add volume to the breast but round implants adds volume to both the lower part of the breast and higher part of the chest. This high breast area, called the upper pole, does not normally have much projection without implant.

Anatomical/Teardrop/Shaped Implants

Teardrop-shaped implants offer women a more contoured look that is more similar to a natural breast shape with less volume up top and more at the base.

What is 'CC'?

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters, or CCs not in cup sizes. An example of breast implant size: 350cc. A cup size cannot be guaranteed as all retailers measure slightly differently and patients' starting breast tissue can vary so the same implant in two different patients may achieve different final results. The best advice we can give is to listen to your surgeon as he is the expert in his field and try not to compare yourself to others when picking your size everyone is different. Come in for a consultation with a Patient Coordinator today and you'll be trying implants on straight away!