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So, your tan’s faded, your bikinis have been packed away to the back of the drawer and all that remains of summer 2017 is your holiday photo album on Facebook. DEPRESSING. Well, hate to break it to you but summer is definitely over and winter is fast pretty much here... But does this mean you say goodbye to your hard-earned summer bods?? I’m sure for some of you, the season will not affect your motivation to go spinning at 5.30am or to meal prep for 3 hours on a Sunday evening.

But surely some of you reading this blog can agree with me that it is far more tempting to curl up with a hot chocolate and takeout pizza instead. Maybe it’s just me but when I wake up in the dark and go to bed in the dark I turn into a seasonal slob and just want to stay in and hibernate. Then every year come April, I always regret this decision when I re-enter the gym and realise I have gained 10 pounds and can no longer run for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I am going to die. No exaggeration.
THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT. I’m not saying I am going to deny myself any Christmas treats or miss out on my annual Malteser advent calendar. What I’m saying is that this year, I’m determined to not let Christmas get the better of me (or my diet).
So, I am going to share my tips with you so we can try and curb those excessive Christmas cravings. Let’s do this together and go into January feeling super healthy and ready to face the New Year. Bring it on.

Pick your treats wisely

If you have a particular favourite Christmas treat then this is the time of year to indulge and I am not here to stop you. But it’s all about balance. If you over-indulge on too many Ferrero Roches, maybe cut back on a few roasties with dinner or say no to that glass of wine (you can do it, promise – and it will be worth it!!)

Get involved in festive activities

Spice up your gym routine this Christmas and swap running for ice skating! Or switch swimming indoors to sledging at an indoors winter activity centre (or even outdoors if we are lucky enough to get any real snow).

Don’t drink all your calories


Believe in the magic of Christmas cocktails...

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A common mistake people make when trying to be healthy is to watch what they eat but then completely forget about calories when drinking. Big error. Do you know how many calories is in a large glass of wine?? Around 300! I know… it’s outrageous. So, if you know you’re going for a big night out, maybe pick a healthy alternative, e.g. slimline gin and tonic or vodka soda lime and just count up how many calories you would save!

Allow for one over-indulgence e.g. Christmas dinner!!

Everybody knows we overeat on Christmas day and when I say overeat I mean it… The average Brit consumes over 7000 calories on the 25th Dec! Now it’s all well and good saying ‘it’s one day a year, c’mon…we’re allowed!’ Well yes that’s true… but is it necessary? Surely we can still enjoy xmas day, drink and eat treats without passing the 3,000 cal mark?! Taking this into consideration, it might be a good idea to have several healthy days on the lead up to Christmas to allow for this feast, just in case you do (inevitably) overindulge.

Don’t party hungry

Seen as Christmas is paaaaaarty season, I’m assuming you may be going to a fair few parties over the xmas period… so take note. If you are hungry before going out, it’s way more likely you’re going to binge on party food (I’m talking pigs in blankets, crisps, dips, sweets, the list could go on…) But if you eat a healthy meal before you go out, you’ll be full so no need to binge! Genius.

Get plenty of zzz

Yay… an excuse to sleep!!! That’s right! I think at Christmas with so many parties and fun festive activities it can be very easy to fill your diary up every night and before you realise it your surviving on 5 hours of sleep and have a constant hangover. Getting enough sleep is such an important part of living a healthy lifestyle so relish in the fact that you need to have a few extra hours in bed and cram in that beauty sleep when you can…

Now thanks to my bf’s parents, I’m jetting off to sunny Mexico on Boxing Day morning (woooho) so I may have this sudden surge of motivation! Whether you have a Winter holiday lined up or not, just think how great you will feel when you turn up to your big xmas party and feel AMAZING or when the time comes to try on your summer clothes and you don’t feel the dread of worrying if they will still fit.

I genuinely believe that with just a few good decisions, we can make it through the xmas period feeling happy and healthy and also with the occasional mince pie (and the more than occasional G&T…). Just make sure that if you’re recovering from your op – stay away from the fatty foods and alcohol altogether! Your reward is your brand new body.


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