What is an Instagram journey?

An Instagram Journey is an exciting way to document your cosmetic surgery journey with MYA via the social media platform Instagram. Patients choose to set up new accounts (sometimes private) to showcase the emotional and physical journey they embark on when it comes to surgery, shown through pictures and videos. The accounts can help reassure you while you're researching your procedure and also to help you go through your own journey. It's amazing to look back over how far you've come!


When/how do you set one up?

You can create your Instagram account at any point of your journey. Most people set theirs up when they book their procedure date. Picking a name is very important and many choose to include MYA and their procedure but use your imagination and have fun with it.
If you already have an Instagram account, it is very easy to create a new one. Go to your settings, scroll down and click on ADD ACCOUNT then click SIGN UP at the bottom of the screen then follow the onscreen instructions. Your new account will then appear as a drop down, so you can switch between your current personal Instagram and your MYA journey account.

What do I share?

Everything and anything to do with your procedure!


Your bio should include your procedure any additional facts such as implant size your clinic location and then tag @myacosmeticsurgery

Before your procedure

You should probably decide whether you are going to keep your identity private at the beginning of your journey. It's useful to remember whether or not you'll keep your face in your photos in all of your pre-op photos. Obviously Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty journeys are usually open unless your account settings are private. Top tip is to take as many pre op photos as possible. Although you may feel uncomfortable or insecure to share these photos online, they will make for great comparison pictures when you are oozing confidence.

Surgery Day

Taking pictures on the day of your procedure will help keep you calm and distracted. So those glam gowns and paper pants make for a great #MYASelfie. Please be aware not to take pictures of staff or other patients in the hospital due to patient confidentiality, not everyone wants to share their experience.

Get your chaperone to film you after your procedure as you may not feel up to it but you can look back and giggle at yourself (this is one taken of me, not my best side I must admit).

After your Procedure

Daily selfies and updates are key for the first few weeks as you will have so many changes not only physically but emotionally and everyone is slightly different. We all heal at different rates and documenting this is great not only for you but for other people wanting to learn about the procedure. If you've ever got questions or concerns, your followers who have had the procedure will be there to help you too!

Take pictures of your procedure results but also your scarring over the weeks. It can be something you forget about but different skin types heal different so showing how you heal can be interesting and reassuring. This is especially true for procedures like Tummy Tucks or Mastopexy (Breast Uplift) where scarring can be a worry for many.

Videos can be a wonderful way to get your emotions across and Instagram allow short videos (up to 30 seconds). Sometimes it's easier to talk about how you are feeling rather than putting it down in words.

Helpful hints

1. Tag @myacosmeticsurgery in your pictures because if you don’t tag us, we don’t know about you!

2. Feel free to DM us telling us you have a journey

3. Join in with #MYASelfie Tuesday, every Tuesday post an amazing selfie of yourself tagging @myacosmeticsurgery and use the hashtag #MYASelfie

4. Be honest, share all!

5. When you are over 4 weeks post op, let us know and you could feature on our website or as our Instagram journey of the week. Just email myaspace@mya.co.uk with your Instagram name.