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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you've been counting the pennies and you've just about finishing off your Christmas chocolate stash. You can’t think of anything worse than splashing out for Valentine’s Day for your nearest and dearest (they should for you of course) so we have some cheap but thoughtful ways of showing your loved one that you do care without it costing you a fortune.

Order his favourite takeaway as a surprise

We're sure your partner is no doubt tired of eating your slimming world recipes anyway, and there is nothing better than a cosy night in stuffed to the brim after a takeaway.










Let him pick the film/take control of Netflix

You can manage one night watching some random football documentary or zombie film. You have made him watch Mean Girls several times.












Pamper time

As much as they won’t admit it, guys like a good pamper. Use some of the Christmas goodies you got and slap on a facemask, give him a massage and run him a bath. It's something you both might even enjoy.

Bake him a cake

Nothing says I love you more than a homemade dessert. We know it would be easier to go buy a Millie’s Cookies but the thought and time will undoubtedly be appreciated. There are so many quick and easy cake mixes so you can't go wrong (remember to turn the oven on).


Kinder Reece's Cookies on a chocolate fudge cake. Yum!

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Write him cute little love notes

Seriously, they love that sort of thing. Lunch box, laptop bag or car windscreen - but don’t make them too soppy or too raunchy just in case...










Offer to play computer games with him

It worth a go, besides it's only one day! How hard can FIFA be?










Make a treat jar

Fill an old jar with notes. Each note contains something that you will do for your partner. They can range from “cook tea” to “anything they want in the bedroom”. All free but will put a smile on their face.