We caught up with ex Big Brother winner and Kerrang radio presenter Kate Lawler at our photo-shoot. Kate had a rhinoplasty with MYA in February 2012. It has been eleven months since my rhinoplasty with MYA. There has been some swelling but it is now settling down. I felt no pain when I had my procedure. I went to sleep, woke up and had no pain. At no point throughout my recovery did I feel any pain. It just felt like I had a blocked up nose. No one has noticed a massive change, which is just what I wanted. I asked for a subtle change and that’s what I got! I didn’t want people saying ‘you look different’. People have said that I look well, but they haven’t guessed! Since I've had my procedure, I don’t look in the mirror anymore and think ‘What a big nose!’ I love my new nose. I feel confident for the first time with how I look. I used to have my Dad’s nose and now it’s much more feminine. My MYA experience was wonderful, everyone has been so friendly. My surgeon Mr Gonschior is a very honest, straightforward man and he did what I asked. It’s my nose, just smaller.