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Katy Perry has been fending off questions about her looks and the possibility of cosmetic surgery for a number of years. Looking at images of a younger Katy at the start of her career before fame and fortune, she looks very different to how she looks now. But does it mean she’s undergone any cosmetic procedures or is she a natural beauty? Either way, she’s a MYA favourite.

Let’s take a closer look at the beautiful singer.

Her Breasts

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Fenton/Keystone USA/REX Shutterstock (573551h)
Mandatory Credit: Photo by AdMedia/SIPA/REX Shutterstock (2133891ai)

The above before and after image suggests that the Firework singer may have had breast enlargement or breast uplift surgery.

What the Experts Say

Michigan-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn said: “I don’t think Katy Perry has breast implants. I heard an interview several months ago where she claimed her D cups were 100% natural, and after looking at photos and videos, I would tend to agree.”

Dr John Di Saia of San Clemente and Orange County agrees, but does leave a hint of doubt saying: “She could have small implants that have been in place for years as these can fool us. Then again if she does, that would be what many plastic surgeons call a very good job.”

So her breasts have even left the experts unsure about whether she’s had cosmetic surgery or not, and we’re not surprised – sometimes the right bra alone can have great results.

Her Face

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kazden/REX Shutterstock (743482e)
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kazden/REX Shutterstock (4419631FQ)

It’s not just her breasts that have been rumoured to have been surgically enhanced. Many fans have also noticed slight changes to her facial structure, particularly her nose, over the years.

This could potentially be down to a rhinoplasty procedure (nose job). This involves refining the bridge, tip or overall profile of the nose; however, the subtle changes to Katy’s look could also be down to make-up and different camera angles.

What the Experts Say

Miami cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, suggests that the rumours around the singer’s rhinoplasty surgery may be false, stating that she may simply use makeup as a way of enhancing her facial features. We need to learn how to do this!

What the Star Says

In January 2014, in an interview with GQ, she denied having had any cosmetic surgery. She said: “I’ve never had any plastic surgery. Not a nose, not a chin, not a cheek, not a tit. So my messages of self-empowerment are truly coming from an au naturel product."


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The Verdict

It seems that people have been questioning whether the singer has undergone cosmetic surgery because of her perfect face and body, but some people really are lucky enough to be born with natural beauty, just like Katy. The rumours continue – as does our envy.

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