MYA has been working through a 3-phased plan introducing more activity as we continue to learn the best ways to operate in a COVID-19 world.  We have reduced in-person consultations, started with minor operations in hospitals with a plan to build on this base in the coming weeks.  We have a reduced number of core clinics and we will keep this position under continuous review.  Further government guidance and the learnings made during the first phase will help inform when we can keep moving through the phases.  We are sharing the enhanced safety measures we have put in place to ensure that patients are fully informed before having their procedure with MYA. We want patients to feel reassured that we are doing everything possible to keep them safe and providing them with the highest level of care. Keeping our staff and patients safe is our main priority.

Enhanced safety measures

Social distancing

Social distancing floor markers and signs are visible in clinics to mark pathways and remind staff and patients to remain 2 meters apart.

Appointments are staggered to reduce patient flow, ensuring social distancing is maintained. Depending on the size of the waiting room in each clinic, this may necessitate a ‘one in, one out’ for patients.  

Patients must attend appointments alone as we are not permitting chaperones (relatives/friends/escorts) onto our premises. Chaperones will not be allowed to attend the hospital and may be asked to remain in their vehicle or return to collect. For exceptions to this, please speak to a MYA member of staff.


MYA staff will be wearing PPE including gloves, aprons and gowns, masks, and visors. This is to protect our patients and themselves.


MYA staff follow strict hand hygiene guidelines. Hand washing is performed immediately before direct patient contact and any activity that potentially results in hands becoming contaminated. We ask our patients to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser as soon as they enter the clinic.

Enhanced cleaning

Based on the transferable nature of COVID-19, enhanced disinfecting services in clinical and communal spaces are carried out between each patient and throughout the day. Fewer appointments are available due to the enhanced cleaning taking place between each patient.

Keeping patients safe pre-operatively


MYA have carried out over 6,000 eConsults, gaining a vast amount of experience used to improve our patient experience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have carried out surgeon eConsults (as part of a multi-stage consent process) alongside nursing ePre-operative assessments. Patients are now only required to attend a clinic setting on one occasion before their surgery. During this visit they will meet their surgeon for a physical assessment and meet the nurse for a vitals appointment (for taking temperature, height, weight, blood pressure, pre-op photos and blood tests). Minimising the in-person touchpoints between patients and staff is crucial to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19. It’s become apparent that this technology-first approach has been a success with our patients and is here to stay.

Enhanced Patient Screening

Additional MYA suitability criteria must be met for patients to be considered for surgery. Additional restrictions include, but are not limited, to respiratory conditions that present a higher risk to developing COVID-19, and the age profile of patients based on COVID-19 risk factors.

COVID-19 testing

Molecular testing (a viral PCR swab) is taken from the nose/throat to identify people with the virus. Patients must have a negative PCR test 72-48 hours before admission to hospital.

Isolation Periods

Patients are instructed to isolate pre-operatively and must be asymptomatic (free of symptoms) during the period of isolation and on admission to hospital. Patients will also need an appropriate period of isolation post-operatively to allow them time to recover from surgery.

Safety measures in the clinic or hospital

Travelling & Arrival

Patients are asked not to arrive early for their appointment time. Patients may be required to wait outside the clinic until they are ready to be seen.

Patients are asked to travel to the clinic/hospital in a private vehicle and self-drive if possible.

Face masks

To help keep you and others safe, please arrive at the clinic or hospital wearing a face mask or covering.

Hand sanitiser

On arrival, patients will be asked to use the hand sanitizer provided or wash their hands with liquid soap.

Temperature check

On entry to the clinic and prior to treatment/attending consultation rooms, temperature screening will be carried out using non-touch thermometers or tympanic (ear) thermometers. Patients with a temperature of 37.8 ◦C or above, or with signs and symptoms of COVID-19 will not be admitted to a clinic or hospital setting.

Please note that this is a simple overview of the various steps and precautions we have put in place and more detailed instructions will be provided to you.


For more information, please read our downloadable PDF