MYA and MACOM are giving away a pair of Crystal Smooth leggings which claim to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite; in fact 73% noticed a reduction*. So we decided to try for ourselves! Macom

Receiving the garment

Macom_arrival The garment came beautifully wrapped in pink tissue (very MYA). The high waisted Crystal Smooth leggings are so thin and comfortable, not at all what we were expecting as we thought they may be thick and restricting. So that is the first thumbs up!

Day-to-day wear

MACOM recommends wearing the Crystal Smooth leggings for 6 hours a day. Hiding them under your work clothes isn’t a problem as they are very discrete and as it has been cold lately, you can always say they are thermals. They are perfect as workout pants for the gym, running and even yoga. They help to regulate body temperature so you don’t run the risk of unsightly sweat patches. They even increase stamina (apparently, but maybe we just need to go to the gym more often). They definitely look the part as they come in a shiny black material which is extremely flattering for any shape or size


Both Amy (a post op Vaser liposuction patient) and Pamina (a non-Vaser patient) saw a significate improvement in reduction in cellulite and the overall look of their legs. Amy “I had Vaser to my flanks so the high waisted Crystal Smooth leggings helped me feel supported while exercising (Amy is over 6 weeks post op). Even the small pockets of cellulite I had on the backs of my legs have reduced. I would highly recommend investing in a pair once you are no longer required to wear your Vaser support garment.” Pamina “I wore my Crystal Smooth leggings Monday to Friday at work and they were easily hidden under my work clothes. My skin feels a lot smoother and I have seen a reduction in cellulite.” *Clinical results after wearing for 60 days 6 daily, clinical testing based on 30 females ages 18-45 with grade l-lll cellulite

How do I enter?

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