It seems like everyone and their gran is on a summer shred diet. The constant Instagram uploads of protein shakes, quest bars and Tupperware of chicken and veg with the hashtag #mealprep is less than inspirational to me. All this while I'm sat here scrolling and drooling over the most calorific desserts and milkshakes I can find on the internet. Maybe it’s my time of the month or the fact that liposuction is always an option but I thought sharing my sugar fantasies with you will make me feel less guilty.

1. The Rainbow Milkshake

Chefs Eis Cafte Birmingham UK

It’s a dentists nightmare and a sweet tooth’s dream. This beautiful creation is a bubble-gum milkshake that contains classic sweets, including rainbow sour sweets, millions, rainbow lollies and candy canes topped off with lashings of pink and blue candy floss. Containing 2,130 calories and 247g of sugar. (Not that you want to know that part)

2. Nutella Donut Milkshakes “Tella Ball Shake”

Foods Craft Espresso café Syndey Australia

It's time to take a trip down under ladies; not for the warm weather or sightseeing but for this beauty! A Nutella flavoured milkshake topped with a Nutella filled donut. With a so-called 'Nutella shortage' in Australia, we can definitely see why.

3. Ice cream stuffed donut cones

Good Food Coffee and Bakery Prague, Czech Republic

These beautiful creations are based on the traditional trdelníks, also known as “chimney cakes,” a hollow, cylindrical Czech pastry covered in sugar then filled with ice-cream. You can see why people are going nuts over them.

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4. Funky Cheesecake Monster Shake

Fume Dubai

That’s right. This mouth-watering monster shake is made with strawberry & cheesecake ice cream, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry sauce, dark Chocolate, digestive biscuits, & topped with a cheesecake slice. I'm pretty sure it’s one of your five a day.

5. Prosecco Gummies

Online UK

Two of my favourite things: sweets and alcohol. They are unique tasting, fruity gummy bears with a delicious taste of sparkling Procsecco. Sweets for grown ups!

6. Bakeorama Cake creations

Manchester UK

These are the most ridiculous cake creations you have ever seen (in a good way). Less is certainly not more in the case of some of these wild and wacky cakes. With glittered dinosaurs, party rings, sweets, edible glitter, candy canes and personalised images, the options are endless from the creator Charlotte O'Toole. I want it to be my birthday every day.

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I'll be about 10 stone heavier once I've eaten all these but I'm not one to let a challenge beat me.