That 3-days-until-my-procedure FREAK OUT!

Yup I am in that zone. If you haven’t had a cosmetic surgery procedure or you are not at this point in your journey, the only way I can describe it is somewhere in between the first few days of your period. It's when you're emotional, have mini freak outs and love/hate life all at the same time. It could probably also be like preparing to give birth – not that I can relate to that but from how my friends act, I’m assuming so. It’s a few days before my op day and  I’ve just received my admission time and everything suddenly feels real. Like this is happening and I am actually willingly going to let a stranger put me to sleep and let another stranger cut my face open, making me look swollen, rank and bruised. All to hopefully achieve the nose I have always wanted….(can you tell I am freaking out! )

This point is also the point where everyone asks the same question “are you nervous?”. Well actually I wasn’t until you asked! “Are you sure you want it done? What if you don’t like it?”. Thanks for your input Susan but I have thought this through and it’s not like I decided this yesterday (as I hold my inner aggression in and smile politely). I know people are just trying to be nice and make conversation about my procedure because I am so open about it and maybe people just don’t know what the official etiquette is when taking to someone that is about to have a cosmetic surgery procedure. Saying that, I don’t really know the etiquette either; I suppose you don’t want to say “ OMG you really do need it”  but then again you don’t want to say “what are you having that for you don’t need it. It's personal choice and anyone but you won't know the full reasons behind it (unless you have read my first blog of course).

So just to add to my freak out stage, I have agreed that MYA and you get to join me on my procedure day live (yes I know it sounds crazy). It’s all well and good reading someone’s story and seeing pictures (which have been a massive help to me) but what if we took it one step further?  Well we have decided to share everything on our Snapchat story @myacosmetic and our Instagram story @myacosmeticsurgery. My op day is Tuesday 25th at the London MYA hospital where I will arrive for 7:30am and from there on out you will be my audience. I am apologising now for the state of my makeup-free face and anything I say due to pre-procedure nerves and post-anaesthetic mumbo jumbo. In the words of MYA “It will be an emotional but educational journey and a unique insight into the world of cosmetic surgery”

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Ps. I don’t think I will be able to watch it back after but who knows?