I had an Open Rhinoplasty and Alar Base Reduction, which in basic terms is a nose job with a nostril reduction. I had been considering surgery for about a year or so before I went to my first consultation. My nose wasn't in the worst condition to be honest as it was straight but through being bullied and low self-esteem, I couldn't stand the way it looked anymore.

It got so bad that I had actually gotten to a point where I wouldn't let anyone take a picture of me; I hated it that much. Contour had become my new best friend at that time but it didn't make much difference to how it looked or my feelings.

After booking in for an initial consultation, I had no idea how happy I would be a year down the line. There were times where I was a mess of nerves and anxiety but having MYA behind me made all the difference.


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My Experience With MYA

I honestly couldn’t have gone through with my surgery if it wasn’t for MYA. From the first moment, they have been a never-ending support system. I was a nervous wreck through this whole journey and every single person I met was just going over and above throughout my experience.

I never thought I would have had cosmetic surgery but I am so happy I did.  MYA have given me more than a new nose, they have given me confidence in both myself and other people. MYA made everything so easy from the word go. Every appointment was so straight forward, even down to the financial side of things there was so many options and zero pressure or hassle.

This experience has changed my life completely and I cannot thank MYA enough for everything they have done for me. I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else!


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Advice And Pointers

Research. Research.

I really made sure I looked into all aspects of MYA, from their own website and as many reviews as I could find, to viewing all social media platforms that they are on. Research is key!

Speak to some post op patients yourself!

I don't know about other companies but MYA have their own Forum that you can sign up to for free whether you're pre op/post op or just researching into it. I personally found it really helpful being able to join discussions and create ones of my own. The responses I got back were incredible - I received replies from loads of post-op girls and even had some messages from girls in the same position as me.

Listen to your surgeon.

They know what they are talking about and what results are achievable.

Although it was my nose that changed, the biggest difference you can see is the permanent smile on my face. So if you are thinking of cosmetic surgery check MYA out and "make yourself amazing"!