Header: Credit: Shutterstock There are around 10 million smokers in the UK and with a little MYA advice we want to help reduce that figure. Whether you are planning to have a breast enlargement, Vaser liposuction, tummy tuck or even a rhinoplasty, the importance of giving up is the same.

Smoking and Surgery

If you smoke, you will have a much greater risk for serious complications during and after surgery. If you continue to smoke you will be more likely to: - ŸŸStarve your heart of oxygen (increased risk of heart attack) - Form blood clots in your veins (increased risk of stroke) - Find it harder to breath during and after surgery - Increase the risk of infection - Impair the healing of wounds - Change the breakdown of certain drugs in your body - Premature ageing/results

What Can I Do?

You can greatly reduce these risks by stopping smoking, ideally at least eight weeks before surgery. This will mean you are more likely to: - Have a faster recovery - Have better wound healing - Have a shorter hospital stay - Not need further treatment/revision surgery Most of us know the facts but it’s not that easy to go cold turkey overnight so why not try some of the below options and see what works best for you: - Patches – Can be supplied on the NHS - Chewing gum – try Nicorette gum first then slowing introduce normal gum - Nasal Spray - Oral spray - Nicorette inhalator - Electronic cigarettes- may contain nicotine - Lozenges - Medication

Health Benefits of Giving Up Smoking

- Younger looking skin - Whiter teeth - Makes breathing easier - Live longer - Helps to feel less stressed - Improved sense of smell and taste - More energy - Increased immune system , so less likely to catch a cold or flu - Increased fertility

Monetary Benefits

If the health benefits are not enough to make you want to give up, then what about the money? Figures supplied by the moneysavingsexpert.com show how much money you could save over a year: - 1 cigarette a day is £160 - 10 cigarettes a day is £1,590 - A packet a day is £3,175 We bet you're planning what you can spend that money on already!

MYA’s Policy

Each MYA surgeon has their own tolerance level when it comes to smoking which can vary depending upon the type of procedure and the amount the patient smokes. Patients may be tested for nicotine of the day of surgery. E-cigarettes/Vapour cigarettes will still prevent a MYA patient from going ahead with surgery. Following surgery if the clinical team feel that patients are not adhering to the advice given when it comes to nicotine use, this could in turn affect the patient’s future aftercare.