How long have you been performing cosmetic procedures? I have been performing surgery for 18 years and have been based in the UK since 2004. I have done a lot of training outside the UK in America and Brazil. In Brazil, I worked alongside the world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, Professor Pitanguy. I am also in the final year of a Phd (Advanced Technique in Surgery) at Rome University. Where are you based and what types of cosmetic procedures do you specialise in at your clinic? I am based mainly in London, working out of the Fenchurch Street clinic and Upper Wimpole Street clinic, but I also consult from Chelmsford and Birmingham. My key areas are breast augmentation,rhinoplasty, followed by breast uplift and reduction, as well as liposuction. Another of my specialist areas is cosmetic gynaecology, including procedures such as vaginal tightening and labia reduction. I also live just round the corner from the Highgate hospital so can see patients at very short notice, day or night, if they have a concern. What can patients expect when they walk into your consultation room? More than anything, I like a professional approach. I may not be overly charming or tactile but I believe in strong eye contact and I like to tell the truth. Aftercare is also very important to me. What would you say to someone who has reservations about surgery? I can understand anyone who has reservations - these are major procedures. The key point is to always have a consultation, follow up with an email and a phone call if there are any extra details you need. I like to tell my patients to come in for a second consultation. Communication skills and honesty are really important in this job. Do you have any advice for someone considering surgery for the first time? Be positive but also have realistic expectations. An operation won’t necessarily change your life, but it can make it better. Try to be as mentally prepared as possible. What kind of support does MYA provide their patients with before and after surgery? I’ve spent time working for several competitors in the UK and I’ve gained a lot of experience over 18 years. Many people can do a breast augmentation but consultation and aftercare are key. I like the way MYA handle aftercare. They pride themselves on the service they offer patients, and treating people with dignity and respect. This is a tough business and the internet is very strong now, especially with forums like this. One happy patient can really make a difference. You need to be generous with your time, put in effort to listen and try hard to maintain good relationships. That takes us to our final question: how many patients get back in touch after surgery to say ‘thank you’ and keep you updated on their recovery? I haven’t been at MYA very long, but when I worked for another provider I did receive poetry from one patient! I keep everyone’s before and after photos and I am always interested to know how they are getting on. Their results are what really drive me and inspire me.