At MYA we’re donating all your unused bras to Against Breast Cancer to help improve the lives of women in Africa, as well as assisting the funding of breast cancer research in the UK. We conduct over 2,700 breast enlargement and reduction procedures every year and our patients are typically left with a mountain of useless bras after surgery. We obviously don't want those bras to go to waste so we have teamed up with Against Breast Cancer and together we have a perfect solution for our patients. Against Breast Cancer is a charity dedicated to the funding of ground-breaking research to improve detection and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 13.58.47 For their latest campaign they’ve teamed up with BCR Global Textiles who help small businesses in developing countries in Africa, where bras remain too expensive to produce. BCR offers local textile traders the opportunity to make a living, while access to British bras also makes a really positive impact on the lives of women in Africa, by:
  • Providing back support
  • Improving confidence
  • Helping to prevent chafing or rashes from clothing rubbing in the heat
  • Helping new mothers to breastfeed their babies discretely
In addition to helping women in Africa, for every tonne of bras donated, BCR donates £1,000 to Against Breast Cancer’s research in the UK. With over 30 million women in the UK, a donation of just one bra can help save lives. At MYA, we’re really excited to be involved in the project and we have set up bra banks in MYA Cosmetic Surgery clinics nationwide. Anyone can donate and we actively encourage everyone to do so! Whether down to being surgically enhanced, reduction in size after pregnancy or weight loss, or simply to help a good cause, we’re taking donations of bras sized A – F, as well as nursing bras. All donations make a real impact to the lives of women in Africa and at home. MYA Against Breast Cancer