Well done you if you’re a money saving genius, why don’t you enjoy your life with the morning go getters, healthy lunch eaters and non-alcoholic drinking people of the world.  For the “normal” people out there who find saving a massive issue tormented by online flash sales, take away’s and expensive coffee, this guide to saving is for you..

Everyone is saving for something, unless you’re a Kardashian and girl you don’t need to save for a thing!

It could be your new boobs, a house deposit, or a Summer holiday but it’s all about changing your money-saving-mindset and following some simple saving rules.

1. One Goal at a Time

For people like me who think that money grows on trees the day after pay day, setting small goals one at a time will not overwhelm you. Have you seen a pair of shoes you want? Well work out what you can put away each month and how long it will take for you to get them. If you want them sooner, you know you need to save more money so it will give you a drive. Don’t set multiple saving goals at once, start with one at a time or you will muddle your finances and mess with your saving mindset.

2. Shop Savvy! (or cheaply but savvy sounds nicer)

We are all subject to buying/spending unnecessarily, for example do you really need to pay £3.50 for a morning coffee when you could make one before you leave for work or make one when you get to work (free)? You could then pop that money in a piggy bank or physically transferring the £3.50 to your online banking account. Do this at the time you would normally pay for that drink (saving mindset trick).  Shopping wisely is a must; you know when you go in Primark and you think OMG Topshop have that same top for like treble the price (no one will notice the difference trust me). And own-brand cornflakes taste exactly the same as main brand but a third of the cost… SAVVY SHOPPING!

3. Social Butterfly on a Budget

It’s hard to say no to the pure pressure of your mates wanting to go out, go for food or go to the cinema (which all costs dollar). So why not think of cheap or free activities where you still see your BFF’s and don’t feel like a Debbie downer missing out. Fajita night in = Everyone chips in for food and its cheaper than a takeaway. Movie night = Someone has Mean Girls on DVD and a cheap bottle of wine (always a winner). You can even go for that night out but don’t take your bank card as we all know you are going to use it for emergencies and those Jager bombs and end of night chicken nuggets are not emergencies!

4. Snazzy Piggy Bank

We know it’s very 90’s, but why not have an old school piggy bank? There are some super cute ones out there (don’t spend a fortune on it as it defeats the purpose). We all have loose change in the bottom of our hand bags left over from a night out. Why not just pop that change in your piggy bank! The physical action of moving this money to a safe place is way more satisfying that online banking. Make sure you get one you can’t open so one that needs to be smashed is perfect for that pre-holiday or pre-wedding fund saving satisfaction. You will be surprised how much it adds up to over time.

5. Pay Day Saver

Pay day is the best day to transfer money to your savings account, this way you still feel ok with the money leftover in your account and don’t feel overwhelmed. If you really want to go for it, set up a direct debit to your savings account, this way you will never forgot. You can then work the rest of month on a budget of what’s left. The rule is: once its transferred you can’t move it back to your current account. Even if it means beans on toast for the last few days of the month.

You will be rolling in it in no time!