Unicode released a new set of emojis on Tuesday but are they what we really need? As a society of emoji users we all have our favourites but the frustration lies in when there is no emoji to represent what you want to say! We've broken down the new emojis below so have a look at our comprehensive New Emoji Guide:


Not sure why we need another fox but hey-ho.. They have at least finally added a duck to the family so we're all ok. emoji1


The Spanish and French have been catered for with the introduction of Paella and a croissant. Health fanatics are also being serviced by getting an avocado and salad. emoji-food


Slightly less exciting: a glass of milk. On the other hand there are champagne glasses and what looks like whiskey and a spoon?! We are sure the spoon will not be used in the cutlery sense.. emoji-drinks


The Summer Olympics may have influenced the update as gymnastics, wrestling, and water polo have been added to the mix. emoji-sport


Not sure how comfortable we feel with the new addition of the creepy clown but the pregnant woman, lying Pinocchio face and drooling faces are the best! emoji-faceas emoji-face2

Hand gestures

That’s right people, our prayers have been answered. The selfie emoji is finally here! hand-emoji


Some of our faves have now got their gender equivalent which is just perfect. The bride has her groom, Mr Claus now has Mrs Claus the Princess has her Prince. Even the dancing salsa lady has her male equivalent as a Saturday night fever disco dancer. #RelationshipGoals all round. gender-emoji gender-emoj-2 Finally the one we have all been waiting for: the black heart! blackheart The new Emojis approved by Unicode will be available for smartphone users only after companies such as Apple and Google release updated keyboards.