It’s hard to imagine what goes into the process of making a very glamorous MYA TV advert but apart from being lots of laughs, there are a lot of boobs, glitter and hard work - for sure.

It all starts with a team of amazing MYAGirls. I’m sure you often wonder how we pick our girls to feature in the TV advert. Well, Instagram usually. As you know, we love your #MYASelfie pics so we held a social media competition for this shoot to find our girl squad. We pride ourselves in the fact that we only use MYA patients when it comes to our adverts and photoshoots and we intend on keeping it that way. We then picked our top 20 and had them submit a mini video explaining why they should feature in the advert. This audition video is put to the full team of directors and producers to decide who has the best personality to fit the advert brief.

Our wonderful Breast Enlargement MYA Girls this year are:


..and we must admit, they are a dream to work with - beautiful inside and out.!(With amazing boobs of course). You can find out more about the girls including candid interviews, before and after pictures and even their personal Instagram accounts over at

A huge part of any #MYAWorld shoot is wardrobe and we definitely were not short of sparkly party numbers this time. They were perfect to show the girls' amazing figures and to fit each of the girls' personalities while still staying true to the MYA colours. You can pick up some MYA fashion tips from our very own Amy on our YouTube Channel.

We have never had extras at a MYA TV advert before so it really did feel like a party with a mixture MYA patients, MYA staff  and a few male friends standing for our party scene. Without them it would not have been half the fun!

The first scene filmed was the dance floor Party scene which was a lot of fun with custom pink lights and a light up dance floor. Our featured DJ was an actual DJ and although we are not sure if the pink suit and glitter bow tie is his usual style he kept the party going with some fun music choices for the girls and extra’s to dance to (pretty sure Spice Girls was on at one point).  The only struggle was stopping them from singing along.

The official track featured in the final ad was played a few times as it has a real party feel and we fell in love with it when we first heard it pre-production. It’s by Sianoa and is called I Feel U

We moved location when the evening drew in, which we were very excited about as it meant we got to film in the MYA custom pink VW camper van. If only we could keep it!

It may look like Lauren is driving it but a little secret it’s actually a few burly members of the crew rocking it to look like it but who knew looking at the final advert. That being said, it’s easier said than done filming in the back of the camera van and it was certainly cold but we had plenty of faux fur coats to keep the girls warm in between takes.

We were then joined by the lovely Ellesse at this point, who you may recognise as one of the #MYAWorld #MYAGirls from the Summer Ibiza TV advert. Ellesse is a trained fire breather and fire performer so she added a great flair to the scene which I’m sure you will agree.

We then headed back to centre of Manchester to film the amazing city scape shot. By this, point heels are off (which you of course can’t see) in the final shot. This was mainly for comfort but health and safety too as we were very high at the top of a beautiful penthouse apartment.

We wrapped like any MYAGirls would after a long glamorous day of hair makeup and dancing with PIZZA and lots of it.

We hope you enjoy the MYA TV advert as much as we did making it!