It’s not exactly a mystery that we are fans of a selfie - we have an entire day (Tuesday) dedicated to it! We love the female form and more importantly women exuding body confidence. We all know that cosmetic surgery procedures can be life-changing and the increased confidence associated with the final result does literally change lives. The 21st century method of promoting body confidence is undoubtedly the selfie so whether celebs or patients, we love seeing them. So you can imagine our delight when two of the most beautiful and influential women on social media, Kim Kardashian (35) and super model Emily Ratjkowski (24) posted this on Instagram:
We must say this is 100% #BoobInspo as both celebs are regularly discussed as inspiration in MYA breast augmentation consultations. The newly formed BFFs came about when the Gone Girl star Emily posted a semi-naked picture on Instagram showing her support for Kim. This was following the negative backlash she received after her infamous pic on International Woman’s Day donning only a blonde wig and carefully placed black lines. Originally posted in early March, it caused both outrage and applause from people in the media. This included Emily posing for her own bathroom selfie, carefully covering her breasts as she copied Kim's original message, “What to wear tonight? #PFW.” Other celebs showing their support included Sharon Osborne.
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So are these naked selfies empowering? Emily clearly thinks so and to give a literal middle finger to the “haters,” the pair were at it again this week. Emily followed her post of the image with a series of positive tweets explaining the reason behind the pic. What are your thoughts? Do you think flaunting your flawless figure for the world to see is empowering? Tell us on our social media channels as we'd love to know!