Just like breasts, nipples come in all shapes and sizes it is how we embrace them that makes us different. It seems that you can see almost all of a breast that is fine but heaven forbid a nipple slip or visible nipple through an outfit and people think OMG she’s naked! This is partly down to society and the taboo subject that nipples have become. Either way we hope we can help, it may be the case that after breast surgery your nipples are extra erect or you just don’t want to draw extra attention to the area especially returning to the work place. (depending upon your job role of course as it may work in your favour). Clothes – the most common way to hide nipples is to wear clothes that don’t accentuate their shape, ruffles, texture or pattern. Printed clothing definitely helps. Try and avoid white, you may look fine in the house but once that daylight or harsh lighting hits, there is no hiding them unless you invest in one the below options. Bras – seems an obvious choice! The foam moulded bras are the best but we are sure you’ll want to show off your new investments in a nice thin bra or let them roam free. Nipple covers/Nipple daisies – What an invention! They are perfectly easy to use; a sticker-like product that you stick over your nipple. For complete discretion, you can also get flesh tone covers for when wearing white. They are available in most underwear high street stores even - Primark and ASOS have started to stock them due to demand. Nipples03 Plasters/Band aids – think Lady Gaga! Place them in a criss cross shape over the nipple. They are the perfect as they are cheap and they come in a variation of sizes but unlike the nipple covers, they are slightly more painful to remove. Be confident- If you feel fine the way you are with no bra and nipples rooming free then MYA recommend you go for it! Be confident with your MYA assets and who cares what anyone else thinks!   Love MYA x