So you have done all your research, told your family and friends that you want a cosmetic surgery procedure but they are not yet supportive and need some convincing. Don’t worry, you are not alone, this is very common and is usually because they don’t have all the information that you have been provided with to make that informed decision so we have created the parent/partner information guide!

1. The MYA Forum

MYA are the only cosmetic surgery provider to have an open and truthful online community where patients can discuss procedures and share before and after results. This may help your parent/partner understand how many happy patients MYA have and that you have the constant support of MYA and MYA’s patients. MYA-Space

2. Revision Rates

“REVISION” IS CORRECTIVE SURGERY We are the only cosmetic surgery provider who publishes our revision rates for previous years. These can be found on the MYA website and you can view an overview below for 2013. section2

 3. Experienced Surgeons

“Our dedicated team of experienced surgeons are all GMC registered that carry out a vast range of cosmetic procedures including breast enlargements, liposuction, tummy tucks, facial procedures and many more. The whole of the MYA clinical team are committed to providing the highest standards of surgery and aftercare.“

 4. Anaesthetic Safety

Anaesthesia today is safer than ever due to advances in technology and education. General anaesthesia makes you both unconscious (in a controlled state) and unable to feel pain or discomfort during your procedure. An anaesthetist (specially trained doctor) will give you the anaesthetic through a cannular (thin plastic tube that feeds into a vein on the back of your hand) and it is just a small pinch for a second. Your anaesthetist stays with you throughout the procedure to monitor you as you sleep. After the procedure, the anaesthetist will stop administering the anaesthetic and you will gradually wake up.

5. Mentor Implants

We have included some key facts to show you how implants safety is very important to MYA.
  • 40 years experience in breast implant manufacture
  • 20 years of clinical data recorded
  • 98% satisfaction rate
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Clinically proven to reduce the risk of capsular contracture through the Siltex texture of the implant
  • If implant was to rupture within 10 years mentor will give £850 towards a re-op
  • Free replacement for capsular contracture within 10 years of surgery
  • Owned by Johnson and Johnson, well known brand
  • Supplies 60% of all NHS implant

6. Industry Regulation

MYA are proud members, and are compliant with, all relevant existing regulatory and professional bodies in the cosmetic surgery sector. This includes using General Medical council registered surgeons and Nursing & Midwifery Council registered nurses and using sites fully registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). All of the relevant clinic pages on the MYA website include the CQC report which gives potential patients full access to the latest CQC inspection report for that clinic.

7. Who Is John Ryan

With over 25 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, MYA’s chairman John Ryan has played a pioneering role in developing the industry in the UK and has been responsible for over 100,000 cosmetic procedures. Before launching MYA, John owned Europe’s largest cosmetic surgery company, where his pioneering ideas and unique drive transformed a small business into a multi-million pound company. As the owner and Chairman, in 2002 John made the decision to sell his company. After taking a small break from the industry, John became more involved in cosmetic surgery again and in 2007, MYA was born. He has drawn upon 25 years of experience to bring together some of the world’s most skilled surgeons. All of this offers you a reassuringly safe way to Make Yourself Amazing.

8. Education And Research

Having a full understanding of the procedure, provider, surgeon, premises and aftercare are all vital pieces of research to carry out when considering a cosmetic surgery operation. In order to help patients who what to look for when conducting this research, MYA have sponsored a project known as Cosmetic Surgery Safety, where patients are presented with research checklists,  a library of resources and articles, potential risks of procedures, cosmetic surgery facts and other useful tools.