When it comes to cosmetic surgery, both men and woman joke about the taboo subject of penis enlargements. Women jokingly say they want their man to have one and men use it as banter amongst friends. Would you be surprised if we told you that penis enlargements are the second most popular procedure among American men following liposuction? A survey carried out by YouGov shows that if money was no object, 25% of men would go under the knife for a penis enlargement. Fat removal or liposuction was top of the list for American males with 51% saying they would invest if money was not an issue. If money was no object would you change something about yourself? However happy or confident you may be in your own skin everyone has at least one body hang-up. So is this a true representation of what men want? Why not do your own survey at home or at work (be careful, maybe your boss is not the best person to ask on the subject).

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