Let’s talk about periods

Half the population have monthly periods, so why are we so afraid to talk about them?

If you started to discuss your ‘monthly visitor’ in the workplace, most people would give you a look of horror or politely try change the subject, because for some reason, we are all a little bit embarrassed to talk about our periods and the logistical nightmare they can be.

Our menstrual cycles are an important, necessary and completely natural part of women’s lives. Despite this fact, many of us still feel fear and embarrassment when buying tampons and at the thought of leaking in public.

The more we start to talk about periods and share our experiences with others, the more normal they become.

Watch this amazing video about ditching the period fear and making periods normal!

Sustainable femcare

In a bid to become more Eco aware, the MYA team have been discussing whether our periods are environmentally friendly and whether we can make a conscious step to change and improve the products we use and the waste we produce. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to sanitary products, whether its tampons or pads you’ve probably trialed lots of products on the market and found the best fit for you.

At the end of the day everyone’s period is different so it’s important you feel comfortable and protected during your monthly flow!

 How are our periods affecting the environment?

Our periods are having a big impact on the planet. Given that the average woman uses roughly 14,000 tampons in her lifetime, most tampons take up to 6 months to decompose and the average sanitary pad contains 90% plastic, we need to start thinking about where all this waste goes?  Not forgetting the plastic packaging and applicators that get tossed aside as waste.

When a tampon applicator takes 500 years to decompose, it’s hardly surprising that 28,000 used tampons and applicators are found on beaches around the world every single day!

We need to start taking better care of the environment and looking after the planet. Luckily, there’s lots of brands waking up to the fact that periods as we know them are totally unsustainable – and they’re taking action to manufacture sustainable products that are eco-friendly, by using natural biodegradable materials that don’t compromise on hygiene or performance.


What can we do to make a change?

If like us, the figures you just read shocked you and made you want to be kinder to the planet then we’ve got the low down on all things eco!

Step 1 – Reduce your plastic wastage, by swapping your usual products for biodegradable ones with sustainable packaging.

Step 2- STOP flushing your tampons down the toilet (our water systems can not handle it)!

Step 3- Give an eco-friendly period product a go – Try a reusable applicator or a menstrual cup and see what you think.


You can’t control your period, but you can control what you put inside your body

So, next time you restock your sanitary products try and make a sustainable choice and think about the environmental impact your tampons and pads have on the planet.

Below is a list of the latest eco-friendly period products we recommend for you:



The menstrual cup is designed for comfort and convenience, made from soft silicone, the menstrual cups hold three times as much as a tampon making it the ideal product for those heavy days. The cup collects rather than absorbs, so it won’t cause dryness when your period is light. Worn internally (similar to a tampon) the cup will need to be removed and emptied every 4-8 hours. It is folded and inserted into the vagina and opens up once it’s inside, simply rinse or wipe after use.

Menstrual cups are the best eco-friendly sanitary protection currently on the market, one cup will last you for years. Buying a menstrual cup will save you money and there’s no plastic waste!

Prices range from £14.99 – £25.00


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A company called DAME have created an award winning device that prevents millions of plastic applicators going to waste.

This reusable tampon applicator is made with self-cleaning materials and is 100% plastic free. Its self-cleaning technology means there’s no need to sterilise between use, simply rinse and reuse. The DAME tampon applicator fits all sizes of tampons, from light to super plus,  so can be used at any stage of your period. The average tampon applicator is made from plastic and takes over a 500 years to decompose, often ending up in the ocean.

If you prefer to use a tampon applicator, try switching to a reusable one!

Prices range from £24.99


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If you don’t like internal products and a sanitary pad is your usual go-to, then this bamboo pad is a great eco-friendly alternative.

The average sanitary pad is made up of 90% plastic and  has a damaging affect on the environment when thrown away after use. These biodegradable pads are made from 100% natural organic bamboo materials and aren’t harmful to the planet when they decompose. The natural bamboo material is free from all the nasty chemicals and artificial fragrances and is the perfect product for women looking for a soft and sensitive pad. The bamboo pads are ultra-absorbent and breathable making them ideal for women with a heavy flow and great for nighttime wear.

Each pad is individually-wrapped in biodegradable plant-based wrappers – sustainable packaging as well, it’s a no brainier!

Prices range from £2.99 – £5 per pack


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Using a non-applicator tampon is a great step to take towards having a greener menstrual cycle.

These tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, making them soft and sensitive and free from all the nasty chemicals and artificial fragrances. They are biodegradable and don’t come with a plastic applicator, making them kinder to the environment than other tampon products. The cotton tampons expands width-wise for increased comfort and superior leak protection during your period.

There are lots of organic 100% cotton sanitary products in stores, so why don’t you give them a go. Not only are they more eco-friendly but they are kinder to your skin too!

Prices range from £2.50 – £5 per pack


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So if you want to help out the environment and start living a greener monthly cycle, try switching to an eco-friendly sanitary product, ditch the applicators and STOP flushing your tampons!


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