Forget Keeping up with the Kardashian it’s all about Plumping up the Kardashians. Artist Saint Hoax has created a series of videos that have taken Instagram by storm. The videos show the changing faces of the Kardashian & Jenner family through their years of fame. Saint Hoax hints strongly that their fame is attributed to the help of surgical and non-surgical treatments. Kim Kardashian has openly admitted to Botox and we all know she has a glam squad that keeps her contorting on point. Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the family, has no doubt matured in the lime light. Her timelapse video is probably the most interesting as we see her age but we all know that those lips were enhanced with injectable lip fillers and she 100% wasn’t born that way. Our favourite video has to be the latest Kardashian family cover shoot taken from Cosmopolitan's 50th birthday issue. The full family's faces change showing a young Kendal and Kylie to an un-contoured Kim and Khloe. Kris Jenner seems to have embraced the Peter Pan effect as she has just not aged, we would even go as fair as saying she looks younger than ever now. Kris has openly admitted to Botox, fillers and even a mini facelift to prevent her from looking out of place among her daughters. We cannot wait to see what the controversial artist comes up with next.