A recent survey indicated that there may be benefits to undergoing two cosmetic procedures at once. For starters it allows you to combine the amount of time you would spend in recovery by having both the procedures at the same time. According to Health Day News researchers at Verona University were interested in finding out what, if any benefits came from having two procedures at once. They observed a group of 90 patients who planned to include a chin implant with a Rhinoplasty between 2002-2004 and followed up on the results three years later. Just under half who had their chin reduced experienced no changes in the results of their surgery. For those who underwent a chin extension, 52% showed a stable profile three years later. The study stated that the nose, chin and neck determine whether the patient has an aesthetically proportionate face. This means that if someone undergoes a rhinoplasty to adjust the nose shape, he or she may feel that their face is disproportionate.