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How do I pick implant sizes for my breast enlargement?

One of the most exciting part of your MYA journey is when your surgeon picks the implant sizes that he believes will best suite your frame and the requested look you wish to achieve.
How does that work? Well its easy! MYA have what we call sizing kits where you are able to try on your required implant size with a sports bra and vest so that you can be confident that the outcome of your breast enlargement is that of what you envision.

Want to get a rough idea about sizing at home?

Why not try the “ Rice Test”? The rice test is like making your own implant so you can try this on with your own clothes in the comfort of your own home. Now this is never exact but will give you a good indication, if you wish to try the rice test follow the step by step guide below.

How to do the rice test

Step 1- You will need pair of tights (if you don’t have these you can use a food bag), rice and a scale.

Step 2- Weigh out the required rice (alternatively you can use oatmeal or potato flakes) for example of your implant is 410cc weigh out 410grams of rice, if 295cc weigh out 295grams of rice

Step 3- Fill the tights with rice, remember to do 2 and secure tightly and try to create the implant shape

Step 4 - Try in a sports bra or non-padded bra

Step 5 - Where a tight vest over the top in a light colour this will shape the implant and allow you to envision your breast enlargement

Step 6 - We would always encourage that if you are unsure about your implant size to arrange a consultation with your PC to try them on