In the past the blame for obesity has been placed upon unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, poor health education and in some people’s opinions, greed. However a scientific study has revealed that insatiable hunger could be caused by ‘The Hunger Gene’. Scientists have identified a rogue stretch of DNA that stops millions of Britons from feeling full after eating. Additionally the gene makes those who possess it crave sugary and fatty foods, the combination of these factors results in it being extremely difficult for these people to stay slim. In fact those who possess the gene are 30% more likely to be obese. Scientists have identified evidence of the gene in over half of the UK population, which means that for these individuals saying slim is incredibly difficult. The study does outline the weight loss methods that may help these people to keep the bulge at bay, however it claims that dieting for those with the hunger gene is ‘doomed to failure’.  Similarly the help offered by the NHS for these individuals is hardly inspiring and there is currently only one weight loss drug available in the UK on the NHS, this really doesn’t offer much help for those who possess the gene. When it comes to fighting the cravings one of the suggested factors to help you supress your hunger is exercise, however as most of us are aware it is incredibly difficult to motivate yourself to lose weight. Unlike the NHS, MYA offer an extremely effective fat removal treatment that can help give you the kick start that you need to get back in the gym and to fight both your weight and your sugary cravings. Vaser Liposuction is a procedure which is powerful enough to remove fat from larger areas, but also to target more delicate smoother areas. The procedure itself can remove up to four litres of fat in just two hours and therefore it is being hailed by surgeons as a miracle treatment. For those who have struggled with their weight their whole lives, and particularly with losing fat in a certain area Vaser lipo can help you to remove that fat once and for all. The procedure itself works best when accompanied by healthy eating and exercise and we see it as the perfect motivation to help you get rid of that fat and keep it off this time.