Header: Credit: Shutterstock I never thought there would be a day where we would be writing about ball sacks but hey ho here we go! So you read the title right, cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments are now available for all problem areas in any shape or form, including your (or your partner's) scrotum. If you're concerned about your drooping ball sack or the amount of wrinkles, there is a solution to turn them from prunes to juicy plums. plum-03 Male cosmetic surgery procedures have become increasingly popular over the past few years with more men choosing to have liposuction and rhinoplasty (nose jobs). But who would have thought that men’s balls were now up for the chopping block (not quite, sorry for the men that winced a little there). Below we've summarised the new work you can have done to glam up your balls:

Scrotal uplift

shutterstock_241843909 Once reserved for genital abnormality on the NHS, the request for a scrotal uplift is now a high-street beauty treatment. Men no longer want their hanging baskets to hang that low; they in fact want them sat neatly under their manhood.

Scrotox shutterstock_363901091

Also known as Scrotum Botox or Balltox, Scrotox is the non-surgical treatment of injecting Botox into the scrotum to smooth the wrinkles. We can’t say we've ever questioned the wrinkles on a man's balls but then again men don't notice our forehead wrinkles and we still inject them with Botox. To each their own! Scrotox can be beneficial to patients who are experiencing the following symptoms: - Sticky scrotum - Sweaty, moist genitals - Constantly constricted scrotum (never relaxed) - Scrotum is often irritated(red) So what are the benefits of Scrotox? Besides a smooth ball sack, it also provides: - Decreased sweating – well let’s be honest, everyone is a winner in that department - A larger appearing scrotum – to men: speaking on behalf all women, we do not rate your future husband qualities on the size of your scrotum (we promise) The procedure is not readily available in the UK but if the demand is high enough, who knows! Scrotal uplifts and Scrotox could be on MYA’s procedure list in the not-so-distant future. Would you yourself have this procedure or support a friend or a partner that would? Tell us on social media and maybe even tag a male friend who could benefit from the procedure...
"I would suggest that if a patient is presenting one of the above clinical symptoms, the use of Botox injection might be beneficial and could help the patient to improve his symptoms. There is absolutely no indication for Botox to reduce the excess skin/wrinkles or to increase the size of the testicles." - MYA Cosmetic Surgeon, Mr Abel Mounir