Header: Credit: Shutterstock We all know its coming and we all dread February the 14th! If you’re in a relationship there is the stress of which card to get: the one that reads, “To the one I love” or the funny one that you will no doubt regret later. But if you’re single you have the choice to celebrate the newly named single appreciation day or drown your sorrows in red wine (which is not recommended) So for the singletons out there hopefully our Valentine’s survival guide will help get you through! 1. Don’t Fear Rejection - we all remember one of our first instances of rejection. Remember when cards were given out in class and you didn’t get one so the teacher announced across the full class “don’t worry I will be your Valentine!” Cringe! We are pretty sure that would be frowned upon now... That being said - definitely put yourself out there and don’t be afraid of rejection. If you are rejected you can always pretend that £50 bunch of red roses and hand written poem was a joke. You never know unless you try! 2. Be Prepared – We all think it’s a great idea to get the single friends together and go out on Valentines Day. Celebrate being single on the one night where restaurants double their prices and everyone is looking all loved up. This could be a recipe for disaster. You don’t want to end up subjected inappropriate the PDA but you also don’t want to find yourself knocking back the tequila at a singles event feeling like you’re on an episode of the Undateables. MYA recommends: have a fun night, dress up and dance the night away! Create fun Valentine ’s Day memories with your besties making vom faces at happy couples behind their back 06 3. Binge – Christmas is well and truly behind us and Easter seems too far away so Valentines is our nearest socially acceptable day to stuff your face with chocolate! So crack open the wine and chocolates and start watching Bridget Jones Diary. Being single is fun so enjoy it while it lasts cause there’s no way you could eat this much chocolate in front of your boyfriend. 03 4. Turn your phone off - you will only become irate with social media posts about #boydonegood #bestboyever #luckestgirl NNNNOOOOOOO!!!! We don’t want to see your £3.99 flowers posted on our Instagram feed. 5. Share the love - Do tell someone you love them! This does not mean buy your cat a Valentines card but treat your friends or your mum - it’s not all about soppy love. 6.New Relationship (Do we or don’t we)? You have been on a couple of dates with someone but it isn’t official and the V day is almost upon us, so what do you do? 2 options…
  1. Act like the 14th doesn’t exist, turn your phone off and pretend you have left the country to avoid any awkwardness then resume dating etiquette on the 15th
  2. Do something funny but a little heartfelt but DO NOT expect a grand gesture in return. You are not in a Disney movie.
9. DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR EX & stay off Tinder (trust us) 10. Treat yourself - Buy those expensive heels you have always wanted or have a relaxing spa day with you best friend. But do NOT buy yourself flowers or a card and then Tweet a pic saying “whoever sent me these they are beautiful thank you Mr ?” It’s not fooling anyone! 11. Put Yourself Off Relationships - watch “Gone Girl” as it may make you question ever being in a relationship! 12. Mockery - do not take the piss too much because you could be loved up next February standing in the longest queue in the world at Clintons J