Booked a last-minute trip to Ibiza and now panic booking back-to-back classes at the gym every day until you go? Put down the phone!...we’ve asked the lovely Emma from health and fitness blog Fitcake for her top tips on body confidence and feeling your best from within.

Emma from Fit Cake

With just a week to go until your holiday, Emma’s blog post advises:

Eating smart - cutting down on foods and drinks that might make you bloated and feel instantly sluggish.

“keep as much colour, vibrancy and variety to keep me feeling good on the inside” - Emma

Have fun with fitness – there’s no point in beating yourself and running yourself into the ground; get your blood pumping, your heart racing and your face beaming with some fun fitness classes such as Zumba or Yoga.

Self-care – take a minute for yourself and pay attention to what your body needs. Take a quick look at your week ahead and make sure you partake in those activities and events that make you feel good.

Fitcake is packed with great tips and advice on health and fitness that will keep you motivated and moving, whatever time you have or type of exercise you enjoy. And we love that she makes it ok to enjoy a cheeky hobnob dunked in our tea…or ten!