Summer may bring on fear and dread in most which is why throughout August we have asked our fav bloggers to give us their confident boosting hints and tips to get us through this sweltering season when you don that skimpy bikini on your girls get away.

Missy from Contour Allure

If you only have a few weeks until you’re stepping off the plane and onto the beach, don’t panic! Lifestyle and fitness babe Missy from Contour Allure is here to help with her pre-holiday body confidence preparation tips.


“Feeling a little vulnerable in a bikini is totally understandable. In the weeks leading up to your date of departure though, there are a couple of things you can do to increase and maintain body confidence and no I’m not talking the drastic measures of doing 500 burpees a night, dancing round the garden praying to the goddess of the beach and sacrificing a lamb. *phew*. Thankfully, these pre-holiday body confidence preparation tips are much, much simpler than that.” – Missy


In her blog post, which you can find here, Missy talks through her top five tips to boost that bikini confidence and are as simple as drinking water…I kid you not!!!

If you have a little longer to prepare or are just starting out on your fitness journey, we absolutely love Missy’s ‘Start Here’ section which is incredibly helpful and motivating; setting you up mentally as well as physically to achieve your goals and kick ass at the gym!

We love Missy’s realistic and supportive approach to fitness, nearly as much as we love her adorable spaniel pup Romeo!