Not only is Summer about looking good its about feeling GREAT! So we have enlisted some of our favourite bloggers to share their pre-holiday hints and tips to ensure you slay this Summer.

Nicol from

There’s nothing worse than working your bum off at the gym and eating healthy in the lead up to your holiday, to then suffer from the dreaded bloating that ruins all your hard work. Although there’s endless information out there about different foods and drinks that will help battle the bloat, Macha obsessed Nicol Wong from fitness blog Nicolyl shares some alternative tips to try that you might not have heard of before.


Nicol is a massive fan of Barrecore and Yoga, explaining some of the benefits of regular exercise to help anxiety and stress which can often play a part in the way you bloat.

There’s also some really simple detox tips to try such as soaking in a long hot bath filled with Epsom salts and dry brushing to help boost waste elimination of toxins and excess water.

Read Nicol’s full blog post here where she explains and details the different techniques and why they can help the different causes of that pesky belly bloat!