I know you probably can’t tell by looking out of the window, but Summer is now in full swing! And that can only mean one thing...holidays!!! Throughout August we’ve asked some of our favourite bloggers to share their tips and tricks for feeling like a queen on the beach this Summer.

Sian Ryan of Sian Lifts Weights

The self-confessed tattooed princess and fitness fanatic shares her killer full body workouts to give you that extra boost of confidence this bikini season!

If you’re anything like me (YouTube’ing “Victoria’s Secret Workouts” while eating a Dominos), and need a bit of motivation, we’ve enlisted the help of the lovely Sian from fitness blog Sian Lifts Weights to share her favourite full body workouts that will whip you into shape and give you that little boost when slipping into that hot new bikini you bought of size smaller as motivation.

“I wish it was as easy as listening to someone telling us to love our bodies, and I truly believe each and everyone of you is beautiful, amazing and should love yourself at whatever size, but I know sometimes we do just want to give ourselves an extra boost of confidence when we want to rock our bikinis by the pool.” – Sian

Check out Sian’s blog post here for her favourite five workouts including HITT, body weight circuits and weight training. Also, follow her Insta for more fitness and food tips as well as her weight loss journey so far where she has already lost an incredible 85lbs!!!