Start botox in your 30s, says surgeon The best way to stay looking young is to use preventative measures before problems occur. A US plastic surgeon told that botox injections are most effective if they are used to treat wrinkles before they become an issue. "If you begin using botox or other freezers as soon as you notice subtle expression lines and continue as you age, you can absolutely prevent certain wrinkles from forming," he told those considering the cosmetic procedure. The source suggested that for the best age-defying results, people ought to start using botox in their thirties. Botox injections create a slight pinching feeling at the site, followed by a couple of hours of redness and the effects are immediate. Recent research by Mintel revealed that in 2010 there was a 15 per cent increase in the number of women seeking botox injections and similar fillers in order to stay looking young. Over one million new treatments are being performed each year, it found. ADNFCR-1234-ID-800477994-ADNFCR